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My Little Gumnut Boho Princess Swimming Nappy - Large
  • My Little Gumnut Boho Princess Swimming Nappy - Large

My Little Gumnut Boho Princess Swimming Nappy - Large

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Reusable Cloth Nappies and Swim Nappies for eco-conscious families. Australian owned, designed and operated from our headquarters in Townsville, QLD.

Our reusable Swimming Nappies have been designed and created with simplicity but effectiveness in mind. All of our reusable products feature high quality fabrics and materials which have been ethically sourced and made. We have been working alongside Australian artists for many years, to bring you beautifully crafted and unique designs.

Our reusable Swimming Nappies are environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to use, all while providing efficiency for you and comfort for your baby.

We are passionate about creating a range of reusable products for you and your baby which support your busy lifestyle and sustainability values.

Our Swimming Nappies

My Little Gumnut Swimming Nappies have been specifically designed for comfort, ease of use and effectiveness. Our Swimming Nappies are designed to be lightweight and free from any absorbing elements (to ensure the swim nappy does not absorb the pool water and become heavy). Our reusable Swimming Nappies feature a layer of mesh lining which will hold in any solids while allowing water and urine to freely flow through.

Our Swimming Nappies are suitable for public swimming pools (including swimming lessons) and will fit nicely under baby's swimmers. 


At My Little Gumnut we are eco-conscious and aim to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. As such, we have created 2 sizes of Swimming Nappies which will adjust and grow with your baby:

·        Medium Swimming Nappy -adjustable to fit 5-12kgs (approx. 3-18 months)

·        Large Swimming Nappy – adjustable to fit 13-17kgs (approx. 18-36 months)

Our reusable Swimming Nappies feature snaps at the front and side of the nappy for easy adjustment of size.

Caring for your Swimming Nappy

With convenience in mind, all of our reusable products are machine washable. After swimming, simply rinse any solids off your Swimming Nappy and machine wash with the rest of your swimming items and line dry. Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. All of our products are designed not to stain (yes, even the white!), which makes water and beach playtime even more fun!


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